Omar Faruk Tekbilek

To experience the voice of the many different instruments, using the same essence and singing from all different timbers and with the same joy, is that all about. 
As we are the human beings with all different timbers, using the same source, which is the breath, singing the song of joy. The joy which comes from the awareness of the breath. The way we exhale our breath, creates our own rhythm and than, here we go! we are the part of the universal orchestra! breathing in and out one after another! Enjoy!!! and share it. 
Reading a book, playing and listening music, generates and also amplifies these feelings to more easily received level. I always give heart full thanks for these gifts and awareness. 
The best technique to develop good, strong sound is the one that I've learnt from Aka Gunduz Kutbay, [One of the greatest nay player ever lived in Turkey][God bless his soul] which is, starting with no fingering just open sound, free from worry of closing the holes. And, taking a nice breath, and blowing into nay without to much pressure, the hint is here : you have to blow all the way until you finish your breath, and the secret is ! THE SOUND, OF THE LAST DROP OF YOUR BREATH, which is the the real tone without any pressure. Normally the tone of the last note goes down,because there is no more unnecessary pressure, this is what we have to develop, blowing without pressure! breathing into nay as we talk. 
So what ever the last tone you hear, you start with that tone. Do this at least 4 times. Than put your thumb half way, this is the next note, after the 4th one as you blow the 5th, go back to open position and while blowing, come back to the half thumb, than close the thumb all the way, this is the 3rd note. This last blowing and going backward and coming back to the next note must be done, it is very important, and should be done in one breath [as long as possible], and without accentuations! Each note is at least 4 breath, than go back, and come down to the next note. 
This way you will develop the low tone one by one as you go down. This is also best way to start the day because it calms the diaphragm which controls our breath. To me this is the best and the most effective exercises ever developed. 
I hope you enjoy it! and make it daily habit!