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Appunti di una storia del NEY in Italia.




Da un articolo di Giovanni De Zorzi in "Echoes of Diversity: Music from Turkey in the “Diaspora”:


As far as I know [see note 1], in 1976 Rafael Garrett, formerly a double bass and clarinet player who collaborated with John Coltrane and Archie Shepp, arrived in Italy from Turkey, where he had met Aka Gündüz Kutbay and where he began to play a mansûr ney that the master gave him. The ‘Piccolo Teatro di Pontedera’ asked Garrett to animate with his wife, Zusaan Fasteau, a stage on improvisation in music: the stage had a section on the construction of wind instruments (ney, shakuhachi, kena, launeddas). This can be intended as the first, groundbreaking, ney stage in Italy. Around 1979 Garrett settled in Pisa, where he resided until 1982, and had three regular ney students: Fabio Pellegrini (who also became a ney maker), Michele Barontini and Giovanni Canale. After the departure of Garrett from Pisa, the three continued to practice ney as pioneers, without contacts with other neyzens in Italy, at least until 2005.

A second, seminal, stage with the above quoted Stéphane Gallet was organized by multitalented Werther Crescentini, with his wife Sandra Garzanti, in Rimini, 1991, with the collaboration of Crescentini’s vocal and instrumental ensemble ‘Vicentius de Ariminum’.

[1] I apologize here for all ney activities in Italy that I may have ignored for a lack of information.



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