Heruka's NEYS and EXTRA-NEY flutes



Here's one of the latest production of NEYS made by Neyzen Heruka (Fabio Pellegrini)


... and you see some "extra" on the left .....

some of the "ESTRANEI"...

that means Extra-Neys in my collection

(Non-Ney Flutes)

From the left: Baroque transverse flute (Palissander)

Chinese Tung-Xiao

Japanese Shakuhaci

Native American Redwood flute

2 VAMSHA (Indian neys)


Here below are some neys made by

Neyzen Sencer Derya

... and Sencer's LABEL on them...

nice isn't it?

On the label, the drawing is a dervish hat, and the writing is:


Odemis - Turkey

... and

(together with Sencer's beautiful arabesque PARAZVANES, the silver rings)

you can see the (in)famous "touristic ney silver wire" ...

It seems that the silver wire around the nodes is for embellishment of touristic neys.... and, right, it has no other goal than to let a ney look better .... some folks consider the silver wire a sign of un-professionality ....

Anyways, Sencer put that on some of his neys, ... and so do I, if you wish it, if you like it, if you ask :)

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