Want to buy a Turkish Ney?
I'm making them since 1980. They're good instruments. They don't even cost too much. But if you wish to learn how to play, you have to find someone willing to teach near your village..... It isn't easy to blow in....
It's about presence, patience and endurance.


I make my neys in the traditional Turkish style:

The Baspare (mouthpiece), on your choice, can be either hard plastic --black-- or hard wood (cherry, olive or beech).

9 joints of the cane;

6 holes+1 back hole;

two reinforcement silver rings ("parazvane");

neys made with Provence (France) or Italian Arundo Donax reed.

I am making and selling neys since 1980.

Inquiries for types and prices welcome.

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Kinds of Hard Wood Baspares

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Harvest, France, March 2008